Replacing Aging IT Equipment

Replacing Aging IT Equipment

If your business is reliant on technology you know how important it is to have equipment that works quickly and efficiently. Determining when a piece of technology has reached the end of its useful life can be difficult. Many business owners have a hard time justifying spending money on new technology when their old technology still works – slowly.

Many businesses are hesitant to replace their aging equipment because of the cost, when in actuality, there is more intrinsic value wasted in the form of your employees time spent waiting for their computer software to work.

Electronic equipment typically has a life span of 5 years. Computers slow down because:

  • New software comes out that an older machine can’t keep up with.
  • There is a lack of RAM (memory to run programs) or hard disk space.
  • Unnecessary software is installed, taking up valuable space.

You can save more money in the long run by investing in updated technology. Rather than pay an employee to complete less work on an aging piece of IT equipment, you should invest in new technology that can complete more work in less time.

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To keep your business running optimally and avoid problems caused by aging IT equipment, create a technology replacement strategy. When a higher level employee’s technology becomes too slow for them to complete their work, pass their computer down to someone doing more basic work. Allocate funds to purchase backup technology to ensure the people who need newer technology to do their job have it.

If you budget for a replacement strategy, you can avoid having to deal with a crisis in the future. Every year, Total Technology Resources provides an audit of a business’ technology. We’ll let you know what computers need to be replaced, as well as the ones that you can get by with for a few more years.

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