A Deep Packet Inspection SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an add-on to your firewall that scans websites for categories.

This is a much deeper way of filtering content on your site. Your firewall inspects any and all of the data that travels in and out of your network, including encrypted web pages, and either allows or denies access. Encrypted web pages use a cryptographic system to keep your data private, but they also create a blind spot in network security.

dpi ssl philadelphia

DPI SSL Encryption allows your firewall to inspect encrypted SSL traffic for viruses, something your firewall cannot do on its own. Encrypted traffic is decrypted transparently, scanned for threats, then re-encrypted and sent to its destination if no threats are found.

DPI SSL provides security, application control, and data leakage control for your network.  When used in conjunction with a firewall, you know all of the information passed through your network is protected. Total Technology Resources can help you implement a DPI SSL to improve your firewall and network security. Contact us today for more information.