Construction IT Support


Total Technology Resources (TTR) has been partnering with businesses in the construction industry for years, providing them with the tailored IT solutions they need to keep their operations running smoothly. The technology needs of a construction company can be diverse, depending on the specific projects they are undertaking. Whether you need a last-minute trailer setup on a job site or are planning a project years in advance, TTR has the expertise to accommodate your needs efficiently and effectively.

Expertise in Construction IT Solutions

TTR understands the unique challenges faced by construction companies, including the need for reliable and flexible IT infrastructure. Our services are designed to meet these challenges head-on, ensuring your business stays productive and efficient:

  • Rapid Deployment: We can quickly set up temporary IT infrastructure on job sites, including trailers, to ensure your team has the connectivity and tools they need from day one.
  • Long-Term Planning: For projects planned well in advance, we work closely with you to develop a comprehensive IT strategy that supports your project timelines and goals.

Key IT Services for Construction Companies

Our range of IT services is tailored to meet the specific needs of the construction industry:

  • Application Management: We manage and support crucial applications like Sage and other industry-specific software, ensuring they are always running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Email Management: Reliable email systems are essential for communication and coordination in the construction field. We manage your email systems to ensure they are secure and always operational.
  • Data Storage and Organization: Construction projects generate a significant amount of data that needs to be accessible and organized. TTR provides robust data storage solutions that keep your information safe and easy to access.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

At TTR, we focus on improving the efficiency of your construction operations by providing reliable and effective IT solutions:

  • Workflow Optimization: We help streamline your workflows by integrating and managing the technology tools you use daily, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Data Management: Our data management solutions ensure that all project-related information is organized and easily retrievable, helping you stay on top of project details and deadlines.
  • Remote Access Solutions: We provide remote access solutions that allow your team to access important data and applications from any location, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

Commitment to Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are critical concerns in the construction industry, and TTR is committed to protecting your data and ensuring you meet regulatory requirements:

  • Data Security: We implement robust security measures to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.
  • Compliance Support: We help you stay compliant with industry regulations and standards, providing peace of mind that your IT systems meet all necessary requirements.

Why Choose Total Technology Resources?

Industry-Specific Expertise

With extensive experience working with construction companies, TTR understands the unique challenges and requirements of your industry. Our expertise ensures that your technology solutions are customized to meet your specific needs.

Reliable and Responsive Service

We pride ourselves on offering reliable and responsive IT support. Our proactive approach ensures that your systems are always in optimal condition, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Comprehensive IT Solutions

At TTR, we offer a comprehensive range of IT services to support all aspects of your construction business, from application management to data security and beyond.

Let's Work Together!

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