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CPA Firm

A CPA firm existing client of Total Tech acquired a smaller firm. We met with our client as well as the end users of the new firm to determine which software they were using and their network infrastructure. We installed site to site VPN and configured Virtual Workstations for the new users to connect to the network at the main office.  We fully migrated their tax software to the main network and imported the recent years’ clients into the parent company’s tax software as well. We created emails for the new user in Office 365 and migrated their Google Workspace email data over. We worked with them onsite on the day of go live and migrated any documents, bookmarks or personal settings they needed, and made sure they were 100% ready before the new tax season kicked off.


Insurance Company

Total Tech worked with a former insurance company client of ours to fully migrate them away from a Private Cloud that their former line of business software provider hosted for them. This included an email migration from the on premise Exchange server of the private cloud to Microsoft Office 365 for 15-20 users in Pennsylvania and Arizona. This email work included training for the manager at the insurance company to manage Office 365 user changes herself. We also migrated each user from their private cloud workstations to their local computers in the office as well as some laptops for remote users. This work was all completed before a deadline set by the former software vendor for December 2023.


SMB Onboardings

TTR completed multiple onboardings of new clients in the past year. These include smaller firms of 10 or less people but also businesses of 50 employees or more. The industries of these customers range from Medical to Financial, Software providers to Manufacturers, and more. We have taken on customers we identified as candidates to become serverless businesses that will operate solely from the Cloud, as well as customers who have a business-driven need for a server infrastructure that will be upgraded or replaced. We review every customer technology configuration as to what will best drive their productivity, while remaining cost efficient as well. Total Tech treats every new customer onboarding as a full-fledged project, and maximizes documentation gathered both from the former IT provider as well as by our technicians in the 30 days before go-live.


Machine Supplier

Machine supplier had all data on a workstation and POP email, which both limited their ability to collaborate and secure their data. We migrated all email to Office 365 from .pst files and the company could work with each other across the country and finally share calendars and retain mail sent from smartphones. We then created a local domain and split the duties of the workstation to two virtual servers on a brand new VMhost.


Recycling Company

Recycling company was still running SBS 2011 and in order to get to Server 2019 we were required to first migrate everything to Exchange 2016 and then Exchange 2019. This took place mostly during business hours over a period of weeks during the pandemic. Mailboxes could be moved and data mirrored while they worked. We cut over elements of the transition on weekday mornings and provided remote support where needed.


Law Firm

Law firm with offices up and down the East Coast was experiencing close calls with Phishing attempts of their Office 365 email. During the height of the pandemic in the Spring, we organized virtual meetings in groups of 10-12 to walk users through a Two Factor Authentication rollout. We retained this model as a way to do similar rollouts for other customers due to increased attacks and attempts we were seeing.


Engineering Firm

Large engineering firm with several offices experienced a server crash of their redundant site in Central NJ. We worked with the users from that location to map their data and configure their VPNs to the primary office. We then had the customer purchase a new server which was installed at the primary location. We virtualized their server and then utilized that physical server to replace the failed one at the redundant secondary location. We then verified users from all locations could access the data they need from multiple sites in case of a future crash.


Construction Recycling Firm

TTR was brought in to complete the job of terminating, labeling and cabling CAT 6 for an unfinished job. Once completed we installed a server rack and properly dressed the cable in an organized fashion. TTR ran new cabling to setup a Unifi Wireless mesh system. We also migrated Tri State to a more modern VOIP phone system that allowed for call routing to multiple departments and the usage of call queues. Finally we assisted with a physical location move to a new building, including testing at the new location.


ENT Doctor

Customer had failing physical servers which would turn off and required the office manager to power them up in the morning. They decided on a move to a File/Print/Domain Controller server in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. We spun up the server and worked to create a site to site VPN for all locations, which required firewall updates and hardware changes. We then cut over once all server roles, data and printers were ready in the cloud. We reduced customer downtime and server issues getting in the way of their business.


Recycling Plant

A Recycling Plant client of TTR needed a complete sandbox environment set up for their software developers to test and support their complex system. Their current 15-20 virtual servers are run out of a datacenter environment, and we compared pricing of bringing the sandbox to a public cloud like Microsoft Azure but the most cost beneficial solution was to purchase a refurbished virtual host and house it in their existing datacenter cabinet. Our project technicians installed an updated network switch in their cabinet, configured a VLAN and migrated the servers needed to the sandbox using the most recent backup images. TTR took advantage of this being a VMware environment and configured everything virtually without any business interruption to the client, while also turning over the keys to the sandbox to the devs in a timely fashion.


Cabinet Design Firm

A cabinet design firm client had on-premise Microsoft Exchange Email, aging virtual servers, but a fairly new physical server housing everything. In order to migrate everything and avoid downtime at all for this very busy customer, we brought a temporary VMhost onsite and migrated their application server to the temp host off-hours. This allowed us to spin up new Windows Server virtual machines, migrate email to Office 365, and then go live on a new application server without the need to purchase anything new physically for the customer. The customer is now in a position to upgrade their line of business software in 2024 on a brand new server.

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