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Dental Offices, New Client
June, 2016
Problem: The dental office had multiple locations where IT was managed individually at each location and there was no connection between offices.  Also support was fragmented because systems were all different
Solution: Cleaned up multiple issues throughout the office that were causing intermittent outages.  Setup new network firewall and switch with a  secure VPN connection to combine all IT systems into one network.  Provided client with a managed support plan to properly maintain all network systems at all locations from a centralized point.

Staffing Agency, New Client
May, 2016
Problem: The Firm was moving to a new office space for current company growth.
Solution: Installed all new Cat6 and HDMI cables throughout the office with new 2 post data rack for all IT equipment.  Each conference room is prepped for both wireless and wired presentations.  Installed new managed VOIP phone system to replace their old analog system with more flexibility and features.

Recycling Plant, New Client
March, 2016
Problem:  The company had 4 locations and wanted a single company to manage all IT, phones, and Camera system to streamline all support requests for the company and current IT support was scattered and over worked
Solution:  Install managed services agents on all PCs, upgraded all servers from 6 physical outdated servers to 3 new virtual servers to improve network performance.  Installed and replaced multiple Digital watchdog cameras that were RMA’d or added due to expansion.

IT management Firm, Existing Client
September, 2015
Problem: The Firm wanted to cut there telecom budget without losing functionality
Solution: Install new managed VOIP phone system to replace their out dated analog phone system.  Not only did they lower their monthly bill by 40% but they received a brand new phone system with extra functionality by moving to VOIP

Car Dealership, New Client
July, 2015
Problem: Network was poorly managed with outdated PCs and Servers
Solution: Reorganized existing server room to take full advantage of network appliances and removed all old IT equipment.  Replaced 55 old PCs around the dealership with new PCs.  Helped migrate from out dated application software to new cloud based terminal server/application server.

Law Firm, New Client
May, 2015
Problem: Firm had 2003 Windows servers that needed an upgrade with an emphasis on scalability and accessibility
Solution: Moved entire server/network to our Cloud server environment.  All users now login via MS terminal server to access their network from anywhere and with server access based on users they can add an unlimited amount of users with no extra hardware costs.

Recycling Plant, Existing Client
April, 2015
Problem: Old analog camera system needed to be replaced, and the client wanted to add new cameras that were clearer than the original
Solution: Ran cat6 cable for 10 new IP 5mp cameras, Installed new IP based DVR system that integrated both IP and analog cameras

School District, New Client
March, 2015
Problem: Existing Fiber Optic cables throughout the school district could not perform after installing 10gbps switches
Solution: Installing brand new OM3 fiber optic cable throughout with future growth potential of 40gbps

Law Firm, New Client
March, 2015
Problem: The law firm was downsizing and needed to have all IT equipment moved to new location
Solution: Installed new cat6 cable at the new location, assisted client on moving all IT services to new circuit, moved and configured all network, servers, PCs, and phone system equipment at new location and signed network management contract.

Non-Profit, Existing Client
February, 2015
Problem: The Non-Profit had aging technology and needed to upgrade within budget.
Solution: Migrated from 2003 windows SBS server to windows server 2012, installed Office365 email free of charge from Microsoft.  And used for profit user licensing donated by Microsoft.

Law firm, New Client
December, 2014
Problem: A new law firm splitting off from an existing law firm
Solution: Installed new network with enhanced security, migrated all data to Office365 and OneDrive, Installed new VOIP phone system.

School District,New Client
August, 2014
Problem: Due to the State of New Jersey requiring every student use a laptop to take standardized testing, the school district needed to increase their wireless coverage capabilities
Solution: After analyzing the existing setup we installed 130 new Cisco wireless access points as well as ran 50 new cat6 plenum rated cable to connect the extra WAPs for full school coverage

Accounting Firm,New Client
August, 2014
Problem: Existing 2003 SBS Server was older and needed to be upgraded to comply with Microsoft’s July 2015 support deadline for 2003 servers
Solution: Installed 2012 Server with Office365 email.  Migrated all files, profiles, and tax applications to the new server over the weekend to ensure zero downtime.  Commissioned the old server with new 2008 OS and more RAM to act as backup server.

Medical Firm,New Startup Client
June, 2014
Problem: New startup.
Solution: Ran and installed all CAT 6 cabling throughout the entire building. Installed wireless and security cameras. We set up two new servers and helped them with their ERP software

Medical Firm, Existing Client
Updated Great Plains software version and migrated to a new server with offsite backup.

Beer Distributor, Existing Customer
April, 2014
Problem: They are opening another store and moving business operations to the new site.
Solution: Installed new operations server and networking equipment to connect to other locations.  Installed POS Hardware and Software locally with real-time wireless inventory control.

Real-Estate Agent, New Customer
March, 2014
Problem: Entire Network was compromised by Cyber Locker Ransomeware
Solution: Retrieved data that was corrupted by the virus.  Installed both security and backup measures that would prevent future attacks from taking down their network again.

Communications Company, Existing Customer
February, 2014
Problem: They are opening another office across the street and they want that office to have network access.
Solution: Installed wireless bridge between the 2 offices and high enough over the street to assure the normal traffic did not interrupt the signal.

Accounting Firm, New Customer
December, 2013
Problem: Outdated Servers and Workstations that needed to be updated but downtime had to be minimal.
Solution: Performed SBS migration from 2003 to 2011.  Installed 2 physical servers with a total of 4 virtual servers and 40 workstations over the weekend.  Firm was up and running 100% by Monday morning.

Medical Center, New Customer
December, 2013
Problem: Old technology with a need to upgrade to a EMR solution.
Solution: Install brand new cat6 gigabit network with 8 new PCs.  Configured all PCs with access to new EMR.

Insurance Company, Existing Customer
November, 2013
Problem:Old technology using 2003.
Solution: Performing a swing migration by implementing sbs 2011 from 2003 by using VMware ESXi and upgrading all workstations to Windows 7 Pro.

Financial Institution, Existing Customer
October 2013
Problem:The client has two locations and they want to link the telephone systems between both offices.
Solution:Installed a new VoIP system that allows both Princeton, New Jersey and Minnesota to talk over extensions utilizing the fiber connection between the two offices.

Rehab Facility, Existing Customer
May 2013
Problem: Server 2003 network environment was aging and becoming unreliable.
Solution: Implementing Server 2008 R2 without needing to demote and promote workstations. Existing server is gradually being phased out and configuration of cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 email is the next step in the ongoing project.

Cleaning Supply Manufacturer, Existing Customer
May, 2013
Problem: Small Business Server and Terminal Server environment was outdated and overloaded.
Solution: We performed a Swing Migration from SBS2003 to SBS2011 using an ESXI Virtual environment, which allowed for low impact on over 20 existing workstations. New Terminal Server vastly exceeded the capabilities of the original, allowing for more salespersons and users running multiple applications on the road to remote into the network.

Furniture designer, New Customer
April 2013
Problem: Outdated network and computers, unable to access data and workstations remotely..
Solution: We installed an SBS 2011 solution, and installed 5 new workstations. Time and Chaos and 20/20 Design software updated to current versions. Secure remote access configured for home office connections. Existing POP-based email account consolidated and imported into Exchange Server.

Medical Center, New Customer
March 2013
Problem: Several medical offices lacked a jointly-accessible server/email solution, allowing for encryption and security.
Solution: Implementing Server 2008 R2 using EXSI Virtualization, we configured a File Server & Terminal Server to allow employees at various offices to access files and email. This also allows for the doctors and administrators to seamlessly work from their various offices. We rolled out Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange, allowing for multiple mail domains and customization without the cost of running an Exchange Server.

Medical Center, Existing Customer
February 2013
Problem: Customer required a cost-effective branch-office solution for new medical office.
Solution: We invested over 100 hours in software migration and site planning. We installed Server 2008 R2 servers using EXSI Virtualization for a brand new EMR software solution, 25 new workstations, a desktop faxing solution, and configured a 6M pipe between the new location and the original office using a new Comcast product called HFC-over-coax. This allowed for increased data and software accessibility.

Medical Center, New Customer
December 2012
Problem: Cloud-based software solution was not reliable or secure.
Solution: We installed a Server 2008 R2 solution, joined the existing workstations to a new domain, replaced several PCS, and now run the EMR package locally. We rolled out Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange to allow for a more secure solution than Google webmail.

Hurricane Sandy Recovery
October-November 2012
Problem: Various clients in the Phila/NJ area lost power for a week or more.
Solution: We reconfigured email and terminal servers to run in our data center until power was restored at client offices.

Construction Distributor, New Customer
October 2012
Problem: Fiber cable connecting offices went bad.
Solution: We ran a new armored 6 strand fiber optic cable between offices to restore their connection.

Home Goods Distributor. Existing Customer
August 2012
Problem: Upgraded sbs 2003 to sbs 2011.
Solution: We upgraded Microsoft’s SBS 2003 to SBS 2011, to give the client the new version of exchange and sharepoint.  We then re-purposed the old server into a terminal server for remote access via laptops and ipad for when they travel.

Law Firm, New Customer
June 2012
Problem: Outdated computer hardware, inefficient network structure, unreliable tape backup, server lacking smartphone support.
Solution: Complete new network rollout – implemented virtual server with VMware running Small Business Server 2011. We also configured 14 new workstations. Initialized on and off-site backup, using StorageCraft.

Landscaping Company. New Customer
April 2012
Problem: Townscapes’ out-of-date server crashed.
Solution: Our team performed a disaster recovery and was able to recover their data. We then installed a new and updated server for additional security and protection against future disasters.

Entertainment Company,New Customer
March 2012
Problem: A Sharp’s network was consistently crashing and their internet was highly unreliable.
Solution: We migrated their current server to an upgraded and dependable server 2008R2 and implemented a cloud move of email to Google Apps.

Tools Manufacturer, Existing Client
Assisted network administrator with VMware configuration and exchange migration.
Problem: Client had old servers and an old exchange.
Solution: We integrated new servers and migrated them to a new exchange version.

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