How Do You Protect Your Server

How Do You Protect Your Server?

Your network holds confidential data that needs to be protected from outsiders. As a small business, you might not think you need to protect your server. Contrary to popular belief, there are more attacks on small business software than on larger corporate networks.

Small businesses have less staff training on protecting confidential info, little to no budget for testing their software security, and no guest WIFI or internet, leaving their connection open to anyone and everyone.

As a small business, your server can run into the following problems:

  • Malware: Software that makes you pay for data, or damages your existing data.
  • Viruses: Code that can take down your network or access private information.
  • Phishing: E-mails that appear legitimate, but come from an outside user seeking confidential information.
  • Social Engineering: A person calls a third party service provider to obtain private information.
  • Disgruntled Employee: Your staff releases trade secrets or hires a new employee who seeks company information.

How Do You Protect Your Server?

The best way to protect your data is to have firewall and antivirus software installed. There are two types of firewalls:

  • Regular Router: This functions as a hardware firewall that uses network address translation (NAT) to share a single IP address to multiple computers. When incoming traffic goes to the router, it doesn’t know which computer the traffic should go to, so it discards the traffic, acting as a firewall.
  • Packet Inspection (IP): Only packets that match a known, active connection are allowed to pass the firewall. Each website you visit is broken down and then rebuilt from website to website.

In addition, proper employee training is a must. Your employees are one of the biggest causes for giving away data. For this reason, your employees should be on constant alert for phishing attacks and trained on how to deal with a data security breach.

To better protect your network, you can boost your firewall with added security. In this series, we’ll examine add-on firewall features can increase your server security and better protect your information.

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