Office Moves

Office Moves

Opening or Moving offices can be difficult. Let us help you streamline the IT side of moving to ensure you and your employees are ready to work 100% the day your office opens. We take in consideration the many factors involved with IT for office moves as detailed below. Our experience and knowledge in both the IT management and infrastructure Fields, will help your move go as smooth as possible. Technology speaking!

Internet Connection/Availability

We can analyze your specific internet traffic needs and provide a fast, reliable, and affordable internet solution the best suits your business. Our telecommunication agent status allows us shop all telecom providers available in the area you are moving too.

PC/Telephone/Printer jacks

Not all offices are Voice/Data ready! We can fill that gap for you and provide any possible cabling you might need to get your office “Connected”.

Network room layout and design

Its important you new office have a central location for all of the critical IT hardware. We can design a very efficient server room that is easy to navigate and have the equipment accessible at your finger tips.

IT equipment move and setup

We understand downtime in an office move is not an option. So we work with our clients not only to get the new site ready but ensure older equipment is moved over in a timely fashion to properly run your business.

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