How to Recycle Old Computers, i-Pads, Cell Phones, and More

Technology is a huge part of our day-to-day lives. Because IT equipment should be replaced every 5 years, old technology can quickly pile up, especially in a business setting. For instance, companies that have an asset based technology plan laid out can have old equipment quickly pile up.

It’s important that electronic components be recycled properly. Technology that is sent to landfills can cause serious pollution problems. In addition, your data could still be accessed.

At Total Technology Resources, we offer E-Recycling. We’ll take your old IT equipment off of your hands and ensure that all of your data is destroyed before we recycle it for parts

How Do We Destroy Your Data?

We do physical damage to the glass platter with a drill, shattering it so that no data can be recovered. From there, we recycle the remaining materials for parts.

Can We Prove It?

Yes -When you recycle your old technology with us, we’ll send you a photo of the hole we drill into your hard drive, guaranteeing your data has been destroyed.

Let's Work Together!

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