IT Support for the Medical Industry


In the medical industry, patient confidentiality reigns supreme. As a medical professional, your patient’s safety is always priority, in the exam room and on the record.

Technology plays a big role in the medical world. By law, everyone is required to have an electronic medical record (EMR). These records are stored in one place that needs to be accessed by a number of people at any given time. Without a properly working EMR, you can’t do business.

HIPPA Compliant

Medical practices are required to keep compliance according to HIPPA standards to protect their patient’s personal information. The experts at Total Technology Resources have helped countless medical professionals be compliant with HIPPA’s laws.

Reach out to the professionals at Total Technology Resources to ensure your EMR is backed up and running properly. We’ll also make sure the information stored is encrypted and protected. We’ll also make sure you’re up-to-date with HIPPA and compliant so you can focus on your patients.

Let's Work Together!

When you work with Total Technology Resources, we are equipped to support all of your electronic medical records. For more information or to speak with one of our professionals about what we can do to service your medical practice!