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If your business has failed a PCI Compliance check or been subject to a data breach, Total Technology Resources can help.

What does a PCI Compliance test entail?

PCI Compliance is a set of requirements that ensures your company securely handles any and all credit card information that is processed, stored, or transmitted through your business. Once a month, your network will be scanned to ensure you pass any and all certifications necessary to handle sensitive information, like medical and financial records.

I failed a PCI Compliance check. What happens now?

The rules regarding PCI Compliance are always changing, so your company is always at risk of failing. It is not uncommon that a company will fail their PCI Compliance check the first time. Should you fail, you’ll have 30 days to remedy the situation. After that, you’re at risk of a hefty fine. You’re also at risk of lawsuits from clients, other businesses, or the government.

What can Total Technology Resources do for you?

PCI Compliance failures are extremely common for businesses. We’ve seen it a hundred times over at Total Technology Resources, and we know how to help. We will assess how you process credit and debit cards and show you were your problem areas are. We’ll explain why you failed, and show you how you can pass PCI Compliance testing in the future.

Let's Work Together!

Clean up a PCI Compliance failure quickly and easily with the experts at Total Technology Resources. For more information or to speak with one of our professionals: