Gateway Antivirus

“What Is Gateway Antivirus?” Like the other firewall features we have discussed, gateway antivirus is yet another add-on that can increase the effectiveness of your firewall. A gateway antivirus acts as just that – a gateway. Everything that goes in and out of your server must pass through this “gate” and be scanned for potential […]

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Anti-spyware is a feature you can add to your firewall to increases security. Essentially, it is a database that contains information on spyware websites that want your information. Anti-spyware software then sends your firewall the information to block these programs from gaining access to your personal information. Some information can be the search-history, the Websites

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Intrusion Protection Services

“What is and IPS and IDS?” Intrusion Protection Services, also referred to as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), are a type of security technology that looks at the flow of your networks traffic to assess its vulnerability. This algorithm is used to upgrade a firewall to look at patterns or unusual activity, whether they are bots

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Content Filtering

Content filtering is a firewall add-on that specifies strings of characters to indicate undesirable content. If this content is matched, the firewall screens it out. The most commonly filtered pieces of content include executables, emails, and websites. Content filtering firewalls provide security, but they can also help implement company policies related to information usage. For

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Major IE security flaw

There have been numerous reports of new exploit within Internet Explorer.  If you use IE be mindful that until the update to fix the patch has been released you are at risk.  Consider using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  Also for existing Windows XP users there will not be a patch released so if you

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